Forgiveness Creative Writing Essay

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My Forgiveness Lara Levetan 11B My eyes open haltingly, slowly adjusting to focus. Helpless, I lie prone, un-moving and barely conscious. My head throbbing from the excruciating blow to my temple, now neatly bandaged and carefully pinned. The unfamiliarity of my surroundings become clearer when my eyes wander to discover orderly rows of ill-painted hospital beds and the unnerving sounds of agonizing groans. Pain racks my body with every faltering breathe. My thoughts are consumed by flashing memories, ones that I desperately try to suppress. My mind’s eye reveals a man, drenched in his own blood, arms outstretched in desperation. I remember the tears, I remember silent tears and panic in his eyes. These events have not since been dimmed, I still hear the rattle of cannon-fire and the cries of so many who lie defenseless. The flash of exploding shells reflecting in the night sky. An endless barrage of artillery fire dulls my senses to a numb, mindless thud. Private First Class Gordon, a soldier of tremendous spirit, lies before me, lifeless. His mangled remains used as a shield to protect me from certain death. The words of our first encounter still resonate in my memory, “I’ve got you covered, old chap”, he had said brazenly, not long after basic training, and a mere week before we were ordered to the frontline. Gordon, a characteristically brash farm-boy from Sussex, from a long line of career soldiers, had shown a genuine compassion and caring for his fellow recruits, many of whom had come into this inferno of a war with little or no idea of what lay ahead. His untimely and brutal death startlingly reminds me of my all-consuming guilt that has enveloped my every fibre. Each waking moment is spent reliving that terrifying and haunting incident. Why I ask, over and over, was I spared at his expense? My guilt, that ever-encroaching parasite, suffocating me with it’s

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