Forever Changed Essay

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Forever Changed Everyone has a significant event in his or her life time that will impact them forever, making them who they are today. Two hundred and seventy days, six thousand four hundred and eighty hours, three hundred eighty eight thousand and eight hundred minutes, twenty three million three hundred and twenty eight thousand seconds, whichever way you look at it, it is equivalent to nine months. Two arms, ten fingers, two legs, and ten toes later, a healthy, flawless, beautiful baby girl is born, Carlynn Rae. It all began on when a trickle of fluid ran down my leg, waking me up. For a second I thought I peed my pants, but then it hit me that this was the big thing I’ve been waiting for. I frantically jumped in the shower trying to get in and get out and by god that was the fastest shower I have ever took in my life! Of course I’ve been waiting for this moment to come for quite some time now, I already had my clothes picked out so I threw them on and started to do my hair and make-up. Yes, that’s right, call me crazy, but I had to look somewhat decent! As I was finishing my make-up Ryan was walking into the bathroom about to start his daily routine by taking a shower before work; so I let him start his water then I said, “Hunny, you can call in to work today, it’s finally time. My water broke!” and he said, “Are you kidding me? We need to get going! Why the heck are you getting all dolled up for?” I’ll never forget his facial expression when I told him my water broke; there are no words to describe it, it was just priceless! So Ryan anxiously got dressed and grabbed my bags and out the door we went, next stop, the hospital. This car ride to Richland Memorial Hospital felt like it took years to get there. Ryan and I talked about everything it seemed like. It was kind of weird knowing that would be the last time leaving the house as a couple and the next
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