Forever And Ever Essay

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> Forever and Ever < One upon a time some guy named William , age 15 years old , lives in Richmond Hill. He was walking one day with his friend, and all he sees is signs that say that she isn’t the right girl for him but and that he should be with someone else , even though she’s pretty and good looking and all he still thinks that she isn’t the right girl for him. As he’s walking with one his girlfriends, he sees another girl walking his way and stops and thinks that maybe that’s the one that’s right for me. As he gets closer to the girl by like 10 feet, he thinks to himself maybe she’s the one. The closer they got the more he thought about her, and as they were about to touch his friend got hit by the car. He starts to cry and as he sees her get hit. 7 years later…. He sees the same girl again. He started to hang out with her to get to know her better and after 6 months he gets married to her. He gets her a diamond ring; he gets her another ring after that. “This ring means so much to me that I can never take it off” Sindy says. She never took it off even since the day he gave her the ring. 2 weeks after they got married they had a little moment and a week after Sindy took pregnancy test and turns out that she had an infant. She named her child ‘Sam’. 6 years later… Sindy got sick and went to the hospital. She was too sick to realize that she was sick with luckemyo, I am near to pass away. The doctors say “Were sorry, there is nothing that we can do to help you get better, we are very sorry”. William didn’t bring Sam along with him to the hospital because Sindy didn’t want Sam to see her the way she is. As she laid along the bed, her gorgeous husband William, grabbed her hand and looks her in the eyes and says, “I Love You Sindy, I don’t want to let you go”, and as he sees her take the ring of, she puts it in Williams paws and says “I love you babe,

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