Forestry Essay

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Foresters essay In the field of forestry everyday you face environmental issues, some may be very big issues but some may be relatively small. Foresters face problems everyday with their management plans; What trees to clear, What trees to conserve, What effect do these choices have on the wild life? All of these issues make forestry a tough career. The choices a forester makes have a great influence on the environment. If a forester decides that an area is best fit to be clear cut for timber, what effect does that decision have on the wildlife? If they decide to try and preserve an area of forest, what effect does this have on the landowner or the local economy? All ranges of decisions have to be taken into consideration, does one up side choice outweigh the downside of another? All of these questions are open ended, and it may mean not one answer is right. Foresters face other problems with soil, and dealing with other problems with tree life span and growth. In my views on Sustainable Forest Management I tend to agree with it, I believe it is vital to sustain and conserve the forests but it is also vital to make sure it is not at a cost to the local economy or to the local environment. By taking all the issues into consideration the SFM can make sure the choices being made are both productive and conservative, which I believe should be the main goal in all environmental

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