Forestry Essay

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Forestry is not all just trees and plants; it involves many different sciences of soils, water, biology, wildlife, and also fire behavior. All of these interact with each other in ways to benefit not only the forest service with the sale of commercial fuel wood and timber sale wood but also improve the forest’s natural environment for the betterment of the wildlife and foliage that cultivate the area. Every little process that goes on in the forest has a specialist to go in and study that process to make sure it is running properly. Each and every different division of the forest service requires some sort of education to get into that clique. A wildlife specialist has to take wildlife classes, through a college and get a college degree, to be able to join the forestry team in that job. Just in wildlife there are over ten different jobs available through the forest service. There is wildlife manager, wildlife biologist, wildlife educator, public educator and outreach specialist, wildlife law enforcement specialist, and many more. Many of the divisions in the forest service also require no education beforehand except the training once you sign onto the team. Some of these jobs are; firefighter, fuel specialist and others. Also a factor depends upon the ranger district. Some require a forestry degree while others do not to become technicians or any other jobs. A district fuels specialist, Dan Ray, supported most of the information within this report during an interview at the forest service in is office. He described his role in the forest service as well as others he interferes with and others he has performed in. A district fuels specialist manages fuel control throughout the designated forest area they have to manage. They remove excess fuels from areas and use a computer software program to determine how many cords of wood they are removing. He estimates, in

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