Forest Park Corporation

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Case #1- Forest Park Corporation The problems that the corporation face in terms of staffing are part of the reason why the Judge Paul Kimble’s plan to end practices of racial discrimination on hiring and promotion. I believe the biggest problem came from the company expanding so quickly without expanding their practice of hiring and promotions as well. The company’s employee numbers grew fifty percent along with the number of domestic locations. In a situation like that, it would only be business appropriate to revamp the processes of hiring new employees. Along with the hiring problems, the corporation also has a problem with promotions. It appears that the company only promotes based on convenience. The report that Pamela Gillis had made indicated that the company “look[ed] like a stone wall for women and minority professionals.” The case study also points out a particular event where a young woman with an accounting degree was hired in and almost forced to be a data entry clerk. The reasoning for this was because the company’s application for new hire form was discriminatory towards applicants with higher education. Pamela had appeared to do trend analysis in her report showing that there was a three year turnover rate among female and black employees. Another discriminatory trend that Pamela’s analysis revealed was that “both blacks and women were paid slightly less than male Caucasian professionals with comparable qualifications and tended to receive consistently lower performance rating compared with white male peers.” This information proves that the promotion policies of the company are a major factor in the staffing problems. Another problem that the company faces in terms of staffing is Bob recognizing the discrimination and not doing anything about it. Not only did he notice it himself and fail to do anything, but he also had another employee,

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