Forest Gump Lit Essay

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Group Four Forest Gump Problem: Nobody will sit with Forest on the bus Cause: All of the students see him as dumb because he is king of “slow” Effect: Jenny lets him sit with her on the bus and they start a friendship that lasts their whole life Problem: Forest can’t get into school Cause: The principal at the school thinks that he is dumb and slow and won’t let him in Effect: The mother has to do some “extracurricular” activities to get him into school. This is about the point where he starts to realize that he is special Problem: Jenny is abused by her father Cause: Her father drinks and lives on a farm all alone Effect: She is taken away from home and has to go live with her grandma Problem: President of Auburn University stood at the door and wouldn’t let 2 black students enroll Cause: Believed that blacks didn’t’ deserve to go to his school Effect: One of the most historical examples of racism is born, commonly referred to as “stand in the schoolhouse door” This movie showed a lot of problems that America was going through during the 70’s era. Everything from racism, to hippies, Vietnam, and even the Watergate Scandal, everything was included. It has multiple examples of racism and sexism in it as well. An example of sexism is when they’re at the bar and Jenny gets on and starts to sing. She is sitting naked playing the guitar and people start yelling things at her and calling her names. Forest gets up and stands up for her, upon her running out. This is an example of sexism (the men treating her like she is worthless) and how Forest dealt with

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