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The movie that I have chosen to do is Forrest Gump. I chose to do this movie because there are so many examples of Christian love throughout this movie as Forrest Gump was one of the most caring people. Forrest may have been a bit slow but he got the basis of life and what it means, along with some great luck he received along the way. The relationship I am analyzing is the relationship between Forrest and Jenny. I think there are many possible ways to analyze this relationship, but I chose to analyze it as a CARING relationship. This relationship is a good example of Christian love because throughout the movie no matter what obstacles the characters face they still manage to keep their strong relationship. Throughout the process of this whole movie Forrest and Jenny manage to stay friends even when they were in a time of their lives where it was hard for the both of them and they kind of lost touch for awhile. Even though Forrest and Jenny had a good relationship there where were some things that don't represent Christian love. An example of this would be when Forrest finds Jenny exploiting herself for money. They were not always completely honest with each other, thus deceiving each other. Along with the bad things there were many more good Christian relationship qualities. They always had an unconditional love for each other even though Jenny acted a little bit mean to Forrest sometimes, when all Forrest wanted to do was make her happy. Overall their relationship matches the definition very well considering all of the things they have went through together. I think the relationships that I have chosen contains so much Christian love. You would think that when most people go through so much together they would lose that relationship and the spark that they had together, but not with Forrest and Jenny. No matter what they went through they somehow managed to

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