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Forest Gump Essay

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  • on November 15, 2011
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Sarah Skuchko
Mr. Bean
8 March 2010
History 1302
Movie Review: Forrest Gump
The film Forrest Gump takes you through the early 1960’s to the present. The film covers world issues as well as problems in the united states at the time. Gump does a number of different things throughout the length of the film that distinguishes him from others of that time period. With a ruthless drive to always keep himself busy and to better himself, Gump continues to amaze those around him.
After graduating from college, Gump joins the United States Army and soon finds himself in the midsts of a raging war in Vietnam. Back in the states at this time, desegregation and free love are hard at work. From the film, you learn about a time in American history that is told from the point of view of a very simple minded man, dealing with difficult complex problems.
The film has varying degrees of truthfulness to it, such as the war and the desegregation, but the story is being told as a personal experience of someone who is just a normal person who encounters extraordinary events. He also has encounters with Elvis Presley and president Kennedy. Also, the things that Gump speaks of were true at the time and few details here and there were altered. Seeing as the film had been produced and published in the 90’s, the film successfully tells the later generations of Americans what the 1960’s was all about and what the ordinary people of the United States were doing at that time.
The film itself is very interesting and entertaining. The producers used actual film footage form the 60’s and incorporated Gump into some of the material so that it fit Gump’s purpose. All around the film is somewhat educational as it speaks volumes about what the United States of America was doing at that time, but also gives the viewers insight to an ordinary persons life and perspective on the events that occurred during the early 1960’s and later.

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