Foreshadowing In Tree Girl

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Shannon Gossett English 1 Mr. Gross 5/10/12 In the 1982 Guatemala went through a different time. Guatemala was going through genocide. The Guatemalan Government was killing the Mayans natives and rebel soldiers. Many were killed and some survived. Reports were said that the U.S. was supplying the Government t because of the suspension of the Mayans were practicing a communism Government. In this story Tree Girl By Ben Mikealson, he shows very intense foreshadowing, unique personification, and dreadful similes to show in a blink of an eye you can lose something most valuable to you. Intense foreshadowing in Tree Girl shows hints of Gabi’s future and how she is going to have to deal with her love one’s dying and how to face…show more content…
Just like similes and foreshadowing, personification can show how brutal and horrifying genocide can be in the eyes of a fifth teen year old. “Memories of my family, friends, and my past haunted me.”(Mikealson 141). Gabi’s memories can make herself think of bad times of death, of fear and her losses. Another quote is, “I still breathe, and life refuses to end so easily.”(Mikealson 142). Gabi refuses to take any more losses in her life to her family. My last quote is, “The corpses were bloody, with ears, noses, and fingers missing.”(Mikealson 130). In this scene Gabi was in a tree watching a canton being demolished by soldiers and they had no mercy for the people. The effects of watching the massacre on Gabi made her think she was a coward and deserve to die with her family. In Tree Girl, Gabi acts like Anne Frank in the Holocaust, they both hid away from genocide. Ideas in this story are similar to Number the Stars. Both hid from their deaths. Getting jumped in the street to genocide doesn’t compare to each other. It all starts with angry and violence. “I wanted to begin life over as if no one had died.”(Mikealson 119). Gabi was thinking about her family and how she wished it would

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