Foreshadowing in Halo: Fall of Reach

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Naval Code 45812: Project SPARTAN II In the Novel “Halo: Fall of Reach” by Eric Nylund, the literary device used is Foreshadowing when every area to retreat to is eventually annihilated, before the Spartan super soldiers’ brutal training, and the discovery of one of seven ring-shaped artificial worlds that leads into the first game of the Halo trilogy: Combat Evolved. To begin, one of the first few examples of the device is present when there will be nowhere to go. “The problem was, the Spartans couldn’t take their fight into space. Every minor victory on the ground turned into a major defeat in orbit. Soon there would be no more colonies, no human settlements-and nowhere left to run.” – Nylund, 23. Throughout the story, their enemy, the Covenant, literally destroys any remotely safe area for humans by using their ships to turn planets and colonies into glass, or what they call “cleansing.” The next use of foreshadowing is when Dr. Halsey, the creator of the secret United Nations Space Command Project SPARTAN II, informs the group of the specially-chosen seventy-five six-year-old children of their eventual hardship, and thinking about of what she had just done to them. “These were indeed the right children for the project. Dr. Halsey only hoped that she had half their courage when the time came.” This is evident of the inevitable, brutal and unforgiving trials that are to come, but such is necessary as they will become the legends that the military needed them to be. The final use of foreshadowing is when Captain Keyes and the crew of the Pillar of Autumn find a fabricated, halo-shaped world, with an atmosphere, terrain and gravity imitating that of Earth. “‘If it’s artificial, who the h*** built it... and what in God’s name is it?’ Cortana processed that question, [...] and finally answered: ‘I don’t know, sir.’ Captain Keyes took out his pipe, lit it, and puffed
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