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Forensics: World of Fibers Essay

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  • on April 13, 2008
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Wide World of Fibers


The whole aim of this experiment was to identify and analyzes fibers in a forensic laboratory, and to see their reactions in different conductions.
The main purpose is to try to find what the unknown fiber was among different fibers. The fibers which were used in this lab were acetate, cotton, nylon 6.6, silk viscose and wool. Many of these fibers are from natural fibers. Natural fibers are from living things like the cotton plant, silk worm, goats, and sheep, these animals contribute in producing cotton, linen, and nylon 6.6 and silk. Many others fibers are also manufactured chemically are called synthetic fibers. The first part of this lab was to determine the texture and color of each fiber, secondly burning different fibers to see their reaction, thirdly perform a solvent test where each fiber was tested in different solutions, forth viewing the stained fibers under a microscope. Data tables were used for recording the result of each fiber. And also illustrates what the unknown fiber was.   In the analysis talks about how the fibers were analyzed and persevered in Forensic Science, and also how to go about finding our unknown fiber. In the conclusion show what was learned and also gives a brief knowledgeable explanation of how this lab could have been better structured and states all the inconsistencies.


            According to Webster dictionary fibers are: “a thread or a structure or object resembling a thread”. There are varies types of fibers like; man-made fibers, mineral fibers, polymer fibers, and micro fibers.
There are many ways of persevering and storing. According www.fbi gov.com fiber can be collected using a vacuum technique, where only fibers are being vacuumed for further observations. According to “Richard Saferstein, PhD author of the book Criminalistics” states that fibers should be wrapped and packaged in folder paper or pillbox and edge should be seal with tape.

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