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Review Questions Pg. 345 #1-29 Marisol Solorzano ------------------------------------------------- 4th Period 1. What is DNA and why is it important to forensic scientists? DNA is a molecule that contains genetic information about a person. It is important for forensics because it helps identify people and their characteristics are connected to their genes so everyone is different. 2. What are genes and what is their function? Of what are genes composed. Genes are fundamental units of heredity. They are in the chromosomes containing DNA 3. With what discovery are James Watson and Francis Crick credited? Discovering the 2 strand in DNA. (Double helix) 4. DNA is a large molecule created by linking a series of repeating units. What is this type of molecule called? What are the repeating units known as? It’s called a polymer. And the repeating units are called nucleotides. 5. Describe the basic structure of the DNA molecule. What is the name given to this type of structure? A double helix which is basically 2 strands twisted around 6. Name the four bases associated with DNA. How are these bases paired on the DNA molecule? Thymine, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine. 7. What aspect of DNA defines the role and function of a DNA molecule? How they are arranged or positioned 8. DNA controls inheritable traits by producing complex molecules called a. amino acids. b. nucleotides. c. chromosomes. d. proteins. 9. How are proteins made? What determines the shape and function of a protein molecule? They are made by a combination of amino acids. And the sequences. 10. What is the human genome? Name two medical applications of information about the human genome. It’s the order of bases on all 23 pairs of chromosomes 11. Briefly describe the process of DNA replication. Every strand is introduced to nucleoids and then recreated, at the end

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