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Dogs’ Evidence Stands as Woman Waits in Jail By: BRANDI GRISSOM Published: December 3, 2011 In the article “Dogs’ Evidence Stands as Woman Waits in Jail”, a 16-year- old girl, her brother and her father were all accused of killing her school janitor. The evidence to support this theory was having dogs sniff their clothes and the scent found at the janitors house. This article shows how just having the evidence of smell is not a reliable source. I picked this article because I remember learning in class how scent is only circumstantial evidence and I was wondering how the court decided to prove their point with such weak evidence in such a big case. I think this article was very interesting and appealing to people who like forensics and science cases. A 51-year-old janitor named Murray Burr was found dead in his trailer home in a tiny east Texas town on August 7, 2004 due to 28 stab wounds in the head, neck and face. Whoever killed Burr must have had a personal grudge with him, and was obviously not scared of what he was doing. We can determine this by what kind of weapon a killer uses. A 16-year-old girl, Megan Winfrey, was charged with the murder of her high school janitor with accomplice from her brother, Richard Winfrey Jr. and her father. The main evidence in this case, was the sense of smell. The police had their three bloodhounds; James Bond, Quincy and Clue smell the clothing items that each of the Winfrey members wore the night of Burr’s death, then they had the dogs smell the trailer home in which he was found in. The dogs seemed to get excited about the two scents, therefore the police concluded they were a match. Everyone knows however, that throughout time, scents change. They can become more distinct, less distinct and even go away. The police tried to match DNA found at the trailer house to that of

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