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Today I will be talking about major problems in the forensic science field. Being a forensic scientist means that you have the skills to pick through little details and find the answer. It is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to have at least a bachelors degree in chemistry or forensic science. You have to have patience and be able to not get emotionally attached to anyone because you might make a simple mistake and mess up the whole case. There are many major problems in this one particular field. Mainly one being DNA mistakes. This has become a hot topic in 2014 because too many innocent people are going to jail for the mistakes of others. Rocked by allegations of deceit, misconduct and incompetence, DNA crime labs across the nation increasingly are finding themselves under both federal and state criminal investigations. Even the FBI's DNA crime lab is under scrutiny by Justice Department Inspector General (IG) Glenn Fine, who ordered a sweeping audit of the bureau's forensic laboratory. “Maier”. This issue will affect my career because I plan on becoming a forensic scientist. I have to make sure I know how to correctly study and evaluate the evidence. Experts in the field think the DNA mistakes are from forensic scientist that aren't certified in the field. They think that if we only had certified scientist who knew what they were doing many cases would be closed. In Florida, DNA lab worker John Fitzpatrick recently admitted to falsifying DNA data in a test designed to check the quality of work. The state, however, refused to retest any of the cases on which he worked, claiming the falsification was an isolated incident that did not affect criminal cases. Fitzpatrick since has been fired. “Maier”. The most common mistake in the forensic community is scientist who are biased. Studies show that crime lab fiber, paint, and body fluid analyses,

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