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The topic that was chosen for my research was The Admission of Forensic in Litigation. The National Academy of Science reports states that there are many issues that the United States forensic science community need to fix, in order for them to serve society more effectively. The following deficiencies that they saw were; under resourced, which they felt created laboratory backlogs. They also felt that there was a lack of unified strategies for developing a forensic science plan across Federal agencies; and that there were multiple types of practitioners with different levels of education, training, professional culture, and standards for performance to be accurate. Also according to the NAS, they felt that the likelihood that the quality and interpretation of evidence presented in court would vary unpredictably among different jurisdictions. The committee’s key recommendation for addressing these issues was for Congress to establish and appropriate funds for an independent Federal entity, the National Institute of Forensic Science (NIFS). This Federal body would oversee and direct the forensic disciplines in the Nation (2009). The National Academy of Science also stated that they wanted the NIFS to come up with better practices and standards, that would address the type of education and training forensic scientist would be required to have in order for them to be well qualified. According to the NAS they were coming up with the development on a reference manual that would assist in educating judges in managing cases that involved complex scientific and technical evidence by describing the basic tenets of key scientific fields from which legal evidence is typically derived and provided examples of cases in which that evidence has been used (FJC 2009). Forensic science still has some issues to resolve but overall it has been a major contributor

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