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paul denyer: (the frankston killer) how and if the culprit was found: paul denyer was found and then confessed all the murders and how he commited them. description of the crime scence:3 crime scences. all were stab strangled and slashed. Elizabeth had stab marks in her throat and bruised areas around her throat and chest. debbie fream had stab marks around her neck ,stomach and chest and was found with her top off. and natalie russell was found with an open wounded neck wich also contained pauls blood sample. what was found during any autopsies? just bruised and batterd and stabbed to death bodies exept natalie russells body had a major clue left on it. paul had left a blood sample on her neck as he cut him self with a knife and bled whilst he tried slitting her throat. was there a conviction in the case? yes he was convicted of murder with 30 years jail sentence. many people do not belive it is right that they arent giving him a life sentence. he tried to become a girl and get transferred to a womens jail but it was not allowed. weapons used along with locations when found: all 3 women where stabbed and slashed with a knife, strangled with a cord, and strangled with his own hands. Elizabeth Stevens : was lead into bushland beside the main track in Lloyd Park, paul held a gun to the back of her head , when she asked paul if she could go to the toilet and he respected her privacy until she was finnished.then they walked up further in the area where she was found dead. he strangled her and stabbed her several times in the throat then through her onto the ground and stepped onto her neck to finnish her off. Debbie Fream: debbie went to the milkbar to get some milk for her dinner she ws preparing. as she was in the milkbar paul opened her car and hide in the back seat he waited for her to start the car so noone would here her scream as he

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