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Forensics Photography Forensic photography is also called crime scene photography. Investigators and prosecutors need accurate images of various aspects of the location where a crime has occurred. This is where forensic photography comes to play. The photographer may be required to take pictures of corpses of murder victims, clues, murder weapons, etc. Forensic photography jobs are appealing to people who have good eye for detail and are very precise in the art of photography. Every image the photographer makes must be precise as possible so investigators have a clear picture that they could use for their work. Sometimes the photographer is required to shoot the same picture but from different angles in order for the evidence to be accurate. The pictures taken from the crime scene may be used in court as evidence if the case goes to trial. The photographer must understand his or her equipment, including the camera and flash. They have to learn how their camera works in order to make the perfect picture. Forensic photographers are not just required to take pictures of the deceased. They can also take pictures of the injuries of an assaulted victim or survivor of a traumatic event to confirm what happened to them. Becoming a forensic photographer is not an easy job, you have to remain empathetic and calm while taking pictures of traumatic and disturbing scenes, it takes a person of strong will and someone that can control their emotions. One of the most controversial cases was the cause of the Tay Bridge disaster of 1879, when half of the bridge collapsed in a storm while taking a train into the estuary of the Tay river. In 1999-2000, when photographs were digitized to show critical details forensics were able to find the reason why the bridge fell apart. They were able to find that the weak structural beams and strong winds were able to weaken the

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