Forensic Pathologist Essay

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Throughout the years, Forensic Pathologist has become a vital part in many areas. This type of career became famous by popular television series and investigation movies, such as “Sherlock Homes”, CSI and “Medical Detectives”. But in reality to become a forensic pathologist you need to be able to handle many types of pressures. For example, first you have to graduate in medicine, which is very challenging, and also you have to deal with the hard job of caring the responsibility of recreating the crime scene. The career is a specific field inside criminal medicine. Therefore the professional has the same daily routine as a doctor, but also has to deal with the criminal and analytical part of it. Although the career is popular known for being exciting and intriguing, in fact some professionals say that it is a very tough career and that many people don’t really see how important it is to keep the justice inside the society. Now a day’s people are giving more attention to this kind of career because they realized that it is a vital part of solving problems, and the numbers of investor in that area have been growing a lot. Statistics show that forensic pathologists have earned their respect in today’s society. The term “Forensic Pathologist” comes from ancient Rome, because when a crime was committed both of the accused had to go present their versions in front of people in the forum, so the individual with the best argument would determine what happened. Therefore the word “forensic” means an individual that determines what happened during an event. A forensic pathologist is a branch of medicine that is concerned with determining the cause of death examining the victim’s body. They do that by doing an autopsy, which is analyzing with both medical and emotional perspective. For example, a body that has the DNA of another person under the nails means that
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