Foreigners Don'T Understand About Korean Culture

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Many foreigners generally have cultural shock When they experience the unique korean customs or traditions. It's very natural for foreigner to think it very unfamiliar. Now I am going to tell about the three exemples in terms of korean culture which foreigners cannot understand easily. Many foreigners said that they can see very good looking ladies who is filled in the street. They might think the ladies are very showy and splendid. Western people usually wear their clothes in purpose of practical use except the particular event. So foreigners cannot understand that situation when Korea women are trying to change their looks to be shown as pretty or beautiful women everyday. Women like to make up their faces and wear trendy clothes in Korea. Appreances come to be a important issue to prepare for job interview or date with someone nowdays. The second thing is that some of Koreans eat dog meat for their health. I heard many foreigners hate this korean food custom. western people regard their pets such dogs and cats as good and close friends, so it's difficult for them to accept it. We Koreans trust something because of the mother's saying. we'd like to overcome the illness or disorder of our body following our parent's words. They said to us that dog meat was effective invigorant. The last thing is that not less parents want to give birth to a son with a first child in korea. Suppose that there are Korean parents which have two daughters. They might want to plan to conceive a son later. Most of mother in laws living in the countryside especially prefer grandsons to granddaughters. In my case, My mother in law was very delighful to have her grandson. She didn't forget to say thank you. We should accept the cultures of the other countries as they are. If we

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