Foreign Policy and Human Rights

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Foreign policy dictates how a country will act with respect to other countries politically, socially, economically, and militarily, and to a somewhat lesser extent, how it behaves towards non-state actors. Foreign policy can also be known as international relations policy or simply diplomacy (What Is Foreign Policy?" WiseGEEK. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2013. Foreign policy is important because it is the tool used to make connections with other countries. Human rights refer to those rights that are considered universal to humanity, regardless of citizenship, residency status, ethnicity, gender, or other considerations. Human rights should be an important foreign policy issue everywhere, because the way people should be treated is important. If this was a big foreign policy issue, countries would actually care about how they treated their people for they don’t want hassle and ridicule for the international community. That could potentially create them to loose trading partners. The promotion of human rights around the globe should be a vital US foreign policy. The US does a lot of business around the world. We are really involved internationally almost everywhere. Human rights should be a vital foreign policy goal. Human rights need to be taken seriously, its rights people should have as human beings, which is something really important. If the US made that one big focus in their foreign policy goals, many countries that wanted to do business with the US or be an ally with us would change how they treated their citizens and abide by human rights laws. This could cut down atrocities committed and genocides because if it was a possibility of losing allies or business partners, countries would pay more attention to the needs of their citizens in their country. The US should handle trade off issues in a way that other
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