Foreign Events Essay

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Marianna Gonzalez 3/19/15 Period 6 Mr.Torres Looking at America today, people around the world come to realization that The United States of America is a global superpower to everyone. There are many factors in history that contributed to the increase of America’s rapid growth of power. Those being domestic and foreign policies/events. The foreign policy aspect helped America become the powerful country it is today. The most important question rises, what international events or American foreign policies helped the United States the most in becoming a world superpower during the years of 1865 through 1945? The key foreign policy events that led to the United States becoming a world superpower after were: The Spanish American War of 1898, The Yalta Conference, and The Imperialism of Hawaii. One foreign event that the United States was involved in that helped America become a more powerful nation was the Spanish American war of 1898. This war was fought when the cubans started to revolt against Spain’s oppression. America suddenly felt the need to get involved to help the Cubans. April 1865, Spain and the United States declared war and in the long run, America got its victory. The Spanish-American war was a great turning point for America in becoming a world superpower overall. The victory of the war resulted in Spain ceding Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines to the United States. The land gave America the upperhand of being an imperialist power. Not only did America expand to the Carribean, but also legally had Cuba as a protectorate to help them if Cuba was undergoing any trouble. America emerged rapidly as a powerful nation that is involved and a helper in influentional and a leading nation thus determining Americas huge role in affairs of Europe and a global superpower. Another foreign event that the United States was involved

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