Foreign And Domestic Accomplishments Of Washington

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The Foreign and Domestic accomplishments of the 1790’s These accomplishments began with Washington’s administration in 1789 and moved through his term to John Adams’s election in 1796. Throughout the ten year span the two men created, passed and established accomplishments need to form a better country. These foreign and domestic precedents provided the foundation for the financial, political and social structures of modern day America. In 1789 George Washington was unanimously elected to serve as the first president of the United States. Under his administration came great changes, starting with the establishment of the Cabinet in 1789. Washington created the Cabinet to help him through his job as the president. He said no one person could run the country by themselves. The Cabinet consisted of a secretary of state, treasury, war and an attorney general. Many domestic ideas were formed and accomplished, and some would become major documents in the future. The Judiciary Act was passed by congress in 1789. This act established the U.S a Supreme Court with a chief justice and five associates, as well as federal district and circuit courts, and established the office of attorney general. From much demanding from the federalists, The Bill of Rights was ratified in 1791. This was a big step to go against the compromise made during the Constitutional debate. The Bill of Rights was a huge domestic accomplishment formed by congress and added the first ten Amendments to the Constitution. Following the huge success the Amendments brought, came Hamilton’s Plan in 1791. Hamilton requested Congress fund the National Bank. Hamilton set out to shape the policies of the administration in such a way as to favor the wealthy. These wealthier groups would then gratefully lend their money and political support to the government. The wealth in the government would then
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