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Forecasting Tourism In Morrocco Essay

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  * Moroccan Tourism -

      Summative Assignment


          April 11, 2011


Since VacaVenture, Inc. was founded in the UK in 2001, our focus has been to offer UK travellers vacation packages to many destinations in Europe.   For the ten years that we have been operating, we have gained a tremendous success despite the economic downturn.   The key to this success is evidently our ability to offer destinations that match our customers’ highest expectations, and therefore, help them create a memorable holiday experience. The expansion into our second office two years ago demonstrated this point, that our success strategy is the right one to follow. In order to bring this key strategy to the next level and strengthen our brand and reputation, the Board of Director has agreed that it is time we look to offer a new destination to offer more variety for our customers’ choices. We also agreed that this destination should be in a new market that we have yet to tap into and it should create more values for customers’ money, given the effects of the economic crisis on many people’s incomes.  
We have identified the region should be in the Middle East as UK travellers have recently shifted their vacation interest to destinations like Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. Given the unrest situations that happened in Egypt and Tunisia just a month ago, we think that it is too risky for a small company like us to launch our new package in these markets. Therefore, Morocco is the best target for our expansion strategy.

This paper analyzes and provides forecasts of the Moroccan tourism industry, as well as the UK travel retail market. I hope my evaluations would present valuable and sufficient facts and figures to help the Board of Directors make an informative decision which would bring our expansion strategy to success.



Morocco is a tourism...

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