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Question 1 (Forecasting): 10 points Case Study: “M&L Manufacturing” 1. What are some of the potential benefits of a more formalized approach to forecasting? Some of the potential benefits of a more formalized approach to forecasting can be based on judgmental forecasts. Since judgmental forecasts relies on opinions from consumer surveys, sales staff, managers, executives, and experts, M&L Manufacturing can get an idea of what is needed at their warehouse and at their supply store. Without accurate data from each store, M&L inventory can be overstock, understock, or no stock. So when a store order supplies, M&L wouldn’t know how much inventory they have, they might have a lot of product 1, but very little of product 2. When using the judgmental forecast, sales staff and managers from other supply store can give M&L Manufacturing what is selling in their store, and ship out more products to fill up their inventory, and they can fill their warehouse on which product is selling faster than the other. Without having the correct amount of inventory in the warehouse, they can lose a lot of money because consumers will purchased other products from a different company. Using the judgmental forecasting, the manager from M&L Manufacturing can get a sense on what is needed at each of their supply store, and get accurate forecasting on each product, and how many products are selling each month. 2. Prepare a weekly forecast for the next four weeks for each product. Briefly explain why you chose the methods you used. (Hint: For product 2, a simple approach, possibly some sort of naïve/intuitive approach, would be preferable to a technical approach in view of the manager's disdain of more technical methods.)" The reason I choose the linear trend equation because it is the most common equation to calculate the weekly forecast, and it is the

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