Ford Vs. Chevy Essay

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I GOT A PET DUMBO RAT OMFG ITS SO CUTE HIS NAME IS PROFESSOR RATIGAN I need to trim his nails though...his nails dig into my arm like there's no tomorrow. And his favorite place to go is inside my shirt. He goes in there for hours at a time, pooping and peeing all he wants. I would get mad if he wasn't so cute. And he ****ing LOVES cheese, jesus christ. 1.5 hours of that lady from 2008 half an hour wii music 2 jam session I've found yet another manga character that is like Necro: Sweet, HLJ is having a free shipping sale starting super early tomorrow morning if my conversion from Moontime to Amerikkkan time is right. I just want more translator-san Six, that's a good manga. You should read all of it. I know, I'm up to chapter 24. adventure time~ :3 so, i bought these frozen microwave dimsum not expecting much out of them and they were freaking delicious *buys Sound Booster for the Fire Valkyrie* *Does special attack with it* ...It instantly killed a final boss class enemy. Yeah, Fire Bomber is god-tier in this game. <_> I cant watch the Prime LP episodes with Daeren Wait til you see NGDBSS, good lord, I cringed so badly. Blister's great though, he'd make plank proud. Metroid Prime Trilogy crashes in mah homebrew D: I didn't mind the Metroid Prime LP videos with NGDBSS but I skipped the ones with Khad. God, those ones were annoying thatsthejoke.tiff I love you, Sixclaw. I had a hilarious image of Sven letting the rat run around in his shirt while he's wearing it pooping and peeing. Unless that's exactly what he meant. >_> Oh it is. I can't feel anymore I hope Basara goes into extreme hot blood for Try Again. YAAAAAAAAH! I'M GONNA MOVE IT TODAY! THE MOUNTAIN! THE GALAXY! LISTEN TO MY SONG! *jacked from wot* Tenn. couple catches

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