Ford V. Harvard Case Analysis

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171 Wn.2d 185, STATE V. FORD [No. 83617-5. En Banc.] Argued September 23, 2010. Decided March 31, 2011 Parties: The State of Washington, Petitioner, v. Tyrone Dentyroll Ford, Respondent. Facts: In August and September of 2006, Tyrone Ford (Respondent), was accused of two counts of Child Rape one in the Second and one in the Third Degree. When he went to trial the jury found him guilty of “Child Rape in the Third Degree as charged in Count Two” (171 Wn.2d 185, STATE V. FORD). But the jury left the verdict for Count One blank and were sent back to reach a verdict. Subsequently he was found guilty on both charges. Procedural History: The Petitioner and the victims are seeking relief in the jail time for the Respondent. The jury

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