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The Ford Pinto In May of 1968, the Ford Motor Company, introduced a subcompact car and produced it domestically. The car was known as a Ford pinto. In an effort to gain a large market share, the automobile was designed and developed on an accelerated schedule. The first few years of sales were high. However, after multiple fires and deaths due to the fast and rather inexpensive design of this car, the sales tanked. Would you buy a car with the fuel system located in the back of the vehicle? Due to the placement of the fuel system, I would not a buy a car with a fuel system in the back of the vehicle. The potential is too high; if I were to be hit in the rear end the results could be deadly. There are multiple issues with the production of the Ford Pinto. First of all, the decision to use a risk/benefit analysis when dealing with a defect in manufacturing that could lead to bodily harm or defect was not the best way to approach the issue. The analysis means, if the expected harm exceeded the cost to take the precaution, then the company must take the precaution, whereas if the cost was liable, the company did not have to. However, this formula focuses on a specific accident, while the risk/benefit analysis requires an examination of the costs, risks, and benefits through use of the product as a whole. Based on the risk/benefit analysis, Ford legally chose not to make the design changes which would have made the Pinto safer. However, just because it was legal does not necessarily mean it was ethical to put a price tag on human life. Ford motor company had a design they could have used to decrease the likelihood of such severe injuries associated with a collision. Some people feel Ford made the right decision to utilize the cost savings and fast, mass production of the Pinto, whereas some disagree and think the car should have never been sold as is, with the

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