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Ford Pinto Ford Motor Company started racing toward the idea of producing a subcompact automobile in the late 1960’s. This concept led to the production and introduction of the Ford’s 1971 Pinto. Their goal was to have a vehicle to compete with the numerous imports, be economical to purchase and maintain, and provide a sports car feeling performance on the roadway. Facts and Assumptions Facts The Pinto development targets were set as 1) Weigh under 2000 lbs, 2) Cost less than $2000, and 3) timeline of 25 months to production versus the normal average of 43 months. Ford produced the Pinto from 1970 to 1980, with it being “launched on 11 September 1970 and the first delivery took place on 13 September 1970.” ( “Ford produced 2,924,773 Pintos” (, throughout the time of production run. The design flaw was annotated early on in the production by a “Ford engineer, who doesn't want his name used, comments: "This company is run by salesmen, not engineers; so the priority is styling, not safety." ( Assumptions Philosophical Questions "Why did Ford's leadership make the decisions they made regarding the design flaw issues with the Pinto?" What method was used by Ford to calculate the price on human life at $200,000? Summary and Conclusions

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