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AC131 Aldin zukic : Extra credit – The Ford pinto case Summary : In the late 60’s the ford motor company had an idea envisioned to manufacture a new car that would hit the market in a positive way that would catch the attention of many drivers. Fords main goal was to make a car that would not weigh an ounce over 2,000 pounds or a penny over $2,000 dollars, However during the design and production of the ford pinto many crash tests had revealed that a major defect in the gas tank. Studies have showed that crashes that involved the car at 25 mph have caused the gas tank to completely rupture; leading to serious injuries of the passenger’s involved and even could lead to deadly situations. A vehicle that would be involved in a collision with a ford pinto, for example from the rear end of the car, with at least traveling speeds of 30 mph would leave the rear end of the car like an accordion. The production of the Ford pinto was one of the shortest in modern automotive production history. It only took them about 25 months to produce the car and have it ready to hit the market. Studies have also stated that if the car travelled at 40 mph at the time of a collision it would probably cause the doors to jam in. Considering the fact the gas tank was unsafe which would lead to causable fire once in a collision and then put consideration of the doors jamming in that would be a no win situation for the driver or the passengers in the car, most times than not it would have led to deadly

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