Ford Pinto Essay

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A mission statements is to state the purpose of an organization. A mission statement helps as a guide of the actions the organization deems as acceptable. A good mission statement should spell out specific goals and give directions. In the Pinto case there was a lack of direction and supervision. Accountability has to be reinforced for unethical behaviors. Violators in the Pinto case should have been held responsible and accountable for the deaths. They actively made decisions to proceed with the fuel tank full aware of the issues. Ford now has a Code of Conduct Handbook. This Code of Conduct goes over specific information. The founder Henry Ford had good values. Henry Ford’s values were based on an “intimate connection between decency and good business” (Governance). The purpose behind the organization was to serve customers, employees and the community. Fords Code of Conduct Handbook commits employees, board members, stockholders to conduct business fairly and honestly. In the handbook it states that “Quality is defined by our customers, and goes hand-in-hand with safety” (Governance). Ethical behaviors are expected at all times on behalf of the Ford Company. It is the duty of Ford employees to report any violations. These are known and suspected violations of the company policy. If these violations were reported and the issues was fixed there would not have been any deaths to report. Iacocca and his supervisor made unethical decisions that cost their organizations millions of dollars. He made a decision due to the time restraints over redesigning the fuel tank. All of this could have been avoided if Iacocca and his supervisors redesigned the

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