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The Turn Around of Ford Motor Company By Alex Carney March 3, 2011 Marketing 360 As many people are aware, not too long ago The Big Three auto makers comprised of Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Group, and General Motors went through a tough time which caused Chrysler, and General Motors to declare bankruptcy. Ford was the only one of the big three to avoid bankruptcy and government bailouts in 2009, but this does not mean that they were not in trouble. Why was Ford in trouble to begin with? Why where they able to avoid bankruptcy and government bailouts? What is their plan to remain profitable and have a sustainable future? These are some of the questions that many people and investors have been asking over the past few years. The reason that Ford is where it is today is due to their current CEO Alan Mulally. Mr. Mulally encourages his employees at Ford through demonstrating great business practices and emphasizing teamwork among his employees; which allowed him to be viewed as a hero for rescuing Ford and not as a villain for making cutbacks throughout the company. When looking at this topic is it important to have a basic understanding of Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company is a publicly traded auto maker located in Dearborn Michigan. This company was created by Henry Ford in 1903 and currently employs around 275,000 people. Ford is a global business that produces and sells cars and has competitors such as Chrysler Group, General Motors, and Toyota. Ford’s products range from subcompact cars such as the Fiesta to large trucks which include the F-750. The company’s current top executives include Chairman William C. Ford Jr., President, CEO, and Director Alan R. Mulally, and EVP and CFO Lewis W.K. Booth. These executives and many more will be referred to throughout this paper (Snapshot, 2011). One of the reasons that Ford was in trouble in the first place
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