Ford Motor Company Invest or Not Essay

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The Ford Motor Company, Invest or Not Strayer University Financial Management FIN534 Dr. Ying Tombler September 06, 2012 The Ford Motor Company, Invest or Not Since 1903 when Henry Ford and eleven investors signed the articles of incorporation the Ford Motor Company has been a part of the American business landscape. Just a few months later, “Ford Motor Company made its first sale of a vehicle to Dr. E. Pfenning, a physician from Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Pfenning's Model A was shipped to him on July 28, 1903” (Ford Motor Company, n.d.). Just five years later the Ford Motor Company introduced one of its most famous and well known vehicles ever produced, this automobile was the Model T. “Production officially ended in May 1927 after total world production of 15,458,781” (Ford Timeline, n.d.). “Oct. 7, 1913: The Highland Park plant in Michigan begins operations as the first moving automobile assembly line in the world” (Ford Timeline, n.d.) .The first production car ever produced on an assembly line was a huge success. Prior to the Model T all cars were made by hand and were quite expensive. This breakthrough made the motorcar available to all, no longer was it a play toy for the rich and famous. Now anyone could own a Ford and most people did. Henry Ford was not done making changes to the industry on “Jan. 5, 1914: Ford begins offering $5 per day for eight-hour work days and 15,000 job seekers clamor for 3,000 jobs at the Model T Plant in Highland Park. The previous pay rate was $2.34 per day for nine hours” (Ford Timeline, n.d.). Ford wanted to have the best workers that were concerned with producing the best product available at the time. Ford was willing to pay for it. “In 1921, auto pioneer Henry Leland was forced to sell the automotive company he had formed with his son Wilfred” (Ford Motor Company, n.d.). This was the beginning of what people

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