Ford Motor Company Essay

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Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company was ranked 8th on the fortune 500 list for 2010.The Ford Motor company is now the largest auto manufacture in the USA. Ford had profits of 2,717000000.00 this year. Ford makes vehicles under the Ford, Mercury. Lincoln and Volvo brand. The person, who created the Ford Motor Company, was Henry Ford. Henry was a very determined businessman that first started creating steam engines but failed several times. He than started to make automobiles, after several tries and losing a great deal of money, he was about to go bankrupt. He gave it one more shot, and his success started in 1909 when he created the first automobile on his assembly line. In October of 1909 ford introduced the model T. The demands for this car were so great that ford was forced to enlarge its production facilities. Over 10,000 model T's were produced in 1909. This large production was due to the assembly line concept. This is when his success began. When the United States became involved in world war one of April 1917 the company produced large quantities of automobiles trucks and ambulance's as well as liberty airplane motors whippet tanks and eagle submarine chasers this continued through the duration of the war. Henry ford officially retired from the company, naming his son Edsel president and conceding to him controlling interest but in fact Henry continued to direct company strategy for some time. After 18 years of producing the model T, the Ford Motor Company faced its first serious threat from a competitor. In 1926 General motors cooperation introduced its Chevrolet automobile a more stylish and powerful car. Sales of the model T dropped sharply. Ford decided to drop the model T in favor of the new model A.

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