Ford Motor Company Essay

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Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational behavior. Leadership can impact organizational performance in both positive and negative ways. Leadership sets the tone for the entire organization. Strong leaders are imperative to a successful organization. Leaders should be goal oriented and they should have a vast knowledge of their field. In order for a leader to positively impact organizational performance, he/she must ensure a positive financial performance, product market performance, and shareholder return. For example, Alan Mulally did extensive research on Ford prior to joining the company. He identified the problem areas of Ford and set goals. In addition to setting goals Mulally “installed a management system to make sure that the company reached those goals.” Mulally also maintained a close working relationship with the management that he instituted. He did this by “demanding” weekly and sometimes daily updates. Mulally focused on the long term success of Ford, he went back to the basics and focused on brand loyalty with vehicles like the Ford Taurus. Discuss Mulally’s leadership style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style. Mulally’s leadership style at Ford was a combination of several styles. Depending on the situation, the leadership style would change and he used legitimate, referent, and expert power. He believed in communication, goal setting, and research. Mulally is driven and expects results from his employees. Mulally is strategic and relentless. He is open and has engaged his employees in wanting his employees to “know the plan”. Mulally was very hands-on at Ford. On his first day at Ford, Mulally immediately went to look at the product line. Upon looking at the product line he immediately noticed that the Ford Taurus. He insisted that the Ford Taurus was brought

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