Ford Motor Company Essay

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Sociology | Final Exam Ford Motor Report Ramones, Tristan Mrs. Stender-Jenkins Period 1 5th Of December, 2011 History, Growth, and Globalization Since the 1900’s, a motor company known as the Ford Motor Company launched itself into the global spotlight. Henry Ford founded this company in June of 1903. From his rented home at 58 Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, Ford built his first gasoline-propelled automobile. After putting finishing touches onto his gasoline powered motor car, Ford was able to drive his automobile through the streets of Detroit on June 4th, 1896 (“Greenfield Village Memories – Bagley Avenue”). This new company took over from a limited partnership Ford had formed the previous year with Alexander Y. Malcomson. Ford provided the mechanical skills and Malcomson provided the capital for a partnership that would produce passenger vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines. Then came the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Second World War. With World War II taking place, the U.S military was aided with the help of the Ford Motor Company. The company located in Richmond, California, was the largest assembly plant to be built on the West Coast and its conversion to wartime production during the World War II aided the Nation's war effort. The factory was a major stimulant to the local and regional economy and was an important development in Richmond's inner harbor and port plan. After President Franklin D. Roosevelt's ban on the production of civilian automobiles during the World War II, the Richmond Ford Assembly Plant switched to assembling jeeps and to putting the finishing touches on tanks, half-tracked armored personnel carriers, armored cars and other military vehicles destined for war. The "Richmond Tank Depot" as the Ford plant was then called, kept American fighting men supplied with

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