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There are many foreign companies that have made their way into our great country and have made a new presence. The companies we’re researching are, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Ford. All these companies are successful and they are all unique in their own ways, but still share similar characteristics when it comes down to their human research departments. Nissan Human Resources department covers a wide variety of jobs such as “recruitment, talent management and careers, compensation and benefits, resource management, working conditions and industrial relations” (nissanhr).Nissan strives to attain high levels of service and support to their teams to reach the goals that are set. They are motivated by present and future development and develop the competencies needed to do so (nissanhr). Nissan provides motivation to their employees by giving them high levels of responsibility, excellent working conditions, cross-training, and encouraging their employees to be self-actualized at their job function which U.S companies also do. Nissan also offers its employees international careers. Nissan employs local national employees, which has given them a leg up in an international market. “ Mark Hutchings, personnel manager at Sanyo Electric, pointed to Nissan’s early approach to employing local nationals as key to its success. ‘Nissan gave local nationals chance to manage immediately” (Bratton). This is interesting, and I don’t think many U.S companies do this. Toyota has a very strong stance on their image as a company. Their HR department strives to find employees who have good teamwork, problem solving, motivation, communication and integrity. They feel it is important to train employees for high performance and make sure they maintain it. They also feel it is important to remove any individuals from the team if they do not follow these values. They look not just to hire a

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