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Docs Google+ Gmail Calendar more All DocsEdit Rough Draft Kayla Miller May 16, 2012 Mrs. Marty Third Period Ford Consider all of the choices that go into choosing what type of car you want. From the car dealer to what the inside looks like, even the color that the car comes in. Ford has came up with car concepts that everyone can purchase from basic models to luxury models. “The consumers have made Ford one of the top five car companies in the United States.”[1] The evolution of Ford products show the different type of consumer choices that make that possible. Old car advertisements vary from newer car advertisements do to the new features that cars can have. In car advertisements starting in the 1930s they would have descriptions of the engine types and basically why you should purchase the car.[2] In newer car ads, they give you booklets with all of the different colors of the cars, the features, about the engine in it, and why the car should appeal to you in the first place. Car owners are generally looking for features that will keep them safe. They also don’t want to look like they are poor as well. Some look for extra features, though, that boost the price of the product. Over the last twenty-five years cars have evolved vastly. Seat belt, air bags, air conditioning, and crumple zones were all made standard in all vehicles to make them safer for the consumers and their families.[3] There are other features that you can get for your car that can boost up the price of the product. For example, a

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