Forced Military Service: Is It True Patriotism?

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Forced Military Service: Is it True Patriotism? Alyssa Elias When most young people reach eighteen, they have plans. Going off to college, getting married, traveling in Europe or other parts of the world, or starting a career. Some eighteen year olds decide to enroll in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or another branch of the military. Some people want to force eighteen year olds to serve in the army. The idea to make a two year service mandatory for all eighteen year olds is not a good idea for several reasons. Even though the military is a good opportunity for young people to earn money, gain responsibility, and learn a trade, I do not think that military service should be mandatory for eighteen year olds. I believe that as a free nation, America should never force an occupation on their citizens. I do believe that although it would be a benefit for most eighteen year olds, it shouldn’t be the law to enroll. Some people might disagree with my thinking, stating, that it would if fact keep young people off the streets and teach them responsibility, but what if the eighteen year old was handicapped and couldn’t take physical and mental pressure? Would he be breaking the law? Also, unfortunately, some eighteen year olds today do not love their country and it would not be good if they were in the army. Do we want every eighteen year old in the army, fighting for our country? It would be a good idea to continue to advertise the benefits for enrolling in the army, such as health insurance, money for college, a pension, learning a trade, physical training, room and board, and the opportunity to travel. Maybe even increase the benefits, such as a bigger pension, more leave or even gifts for enrolling. If the government made enrolling in the military more appealing to the eighteen year old audience, more young people would enroll voluntarily, without the law
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