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Lindsey Pugh AP Literature For Whom the Bell Tolls Answers 1. The title For Whom the Bell Tolls symbolizes a feeling of community in the sense that one man’s death effects mankind as a whole. This directly addresses the reason Robert Jordan joined the war in the first place, although he begins to question these values as the novel goes on. However at the very end, he readopts his values of community by somewhat sacrificing himself for the group to kill the fascists. In addition a church bell ringing symbolizes death. Equally, this book is heavily focused on contemplations of death and killing so in that way the title reflects on what the novel as a whole is about. After the rest of the group left him behind, he thinks about everything that goes on in his life and he directly thinks, “It’s wonderful they’ve got away. I don’t mind this at all now they are away.” (468). Robert Jordan ponders life and death by saying, “But in the meantime all the life you have or ever will have is today, tonight, tomorrow, today, tonight, tomorrow, over and over again (I hope), he thought and so you had better take what time there is and be very thankful for it.” (166). 2. ? 3. The portrayal of love in For Whom the Bell Tolls is shown in a few different ways. When it comes to Maria and Robert Jordan’s relationship, it seems that the entire basis of their love is focused mainly on sex. The very first night that Robert Jordan meets Maria, he tells her he loves her and they have sex. Later, Augustín questions their relationship and says that it is centered on sex, to which Robert Jordan responds by saying that he cares for her and that is his way of showing it. However, a different view of love is shown when Pilar talks about her romance with Finito. She speaks of him with great reverence, and even goes so far as to compare him to Pablo, saying “You are afraid to die now. You

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