For the Sake of Unity Essay

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Teryl Fleming History 2010 George Pimentel 9 December 2012 Final DBQ Module four For the Sake of Unity Freedom is in the hearts of all people but at what cost will we as a country go to, to obtain and preserve it. The spark that ignited a young country into the cold devastation of bloody battle fields were decided in court rooms, crowed chambers of congress and the darkened desk of a man whom held the future of the nation and generations to come in his hand. The civil war was caused by slavery and led to a four year war between the Northern and Southern states that struggled over, economical, social and political issues for four long years. Southern states had long held their production of cotton to the highest standard with as going as far as calling “Cotton King” (Doc. D). Southerners, along with Senator James Hammond shared the same thoughts concerning cotton export. Hammond explains the economics of cotton exports in numbers when speaking of exports such as cotton and many other items to the U.S. Senate in 1858. Hammond states that “There is no doubt that we sent to the North $40,000,000…. If I am right in my calculation… there is not a nation on earth, with any numerous populations, that can compete with us on produce per capita.” (Doc. D.).However, just a year earlier in 1857 the South was compelled to buy all their utility and adornment needs from the North (Doc. C). According to document A, The railroads for exports and imports were mainly designed for the North because the North concentrated on economics of industrialism were as the South depended on the production of cotton produced by the labored hands of slaves. Southerners were dependent upon slavery unlike the North who offered a free labor ideology as a means of economic progress. These differences in labor ideologies for economic progress exacerbated a precursor and undertone that

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