For the Love of Love Essay

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Delanie Pruitt Dr. Gerber 4 September 2014 E104 Composition and Research For the Love of Love I had a moment that I knew would change everything. A moment that, when it happened, made me a bit apprehensive yet joyful. Like my world was turned upside down, then stopped in its tracks. I’ve heard it said that you never forget your first love, and there’s a reason why; it’s powerful. Love is a crazy thing that can make or break my future with anyone and everyone. Whether or not it works out can decide if I fall in love again, or push people away with what my past tells me. There’s different ways to fall in love either it can be immediate, like at first sight, or gradual. The way it happened to me was oh so gradual and unexpected. When I took my first look at the man I was to fall in love with, I only felt a bit self-conscious. All I saw was a very tall, handsome guy who, had great eyes and a marvelous smile. There was no feeling of immediate “love”, but there was something. Though I cannot begin to describe what I felt, I knew there was something more to the equation than I wanted to admit. This guy sat across from me every single day in Driver’s Ed, until the fateful day he decided to introduce himself. He arrived a little after me that day, and I thought nothing of it until I saw that enchanting smile coming towards me. I immediately got very nervous, for reasons I didn’t get, and thought, “Holy cow, he’s coming over here.” Of course, I was flattered, but could not say a word! I was soon relieved of the mystery when he introduced himself as Cameron, and asked if the seat next to me was taken. I of course told him no, and we sat together for the duration of the class. We laughed about how boring the class was as he walked me out to my dad’s car, we said good night and parted ways. The next day changed the course of our relationship drastically, though

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