For the Influence of Native-Americans and

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I defend the statement, “Had it not been for the influence of Native-Americans and African-Americans, the English colonists in North America would have created a society by 1700 much more similar to that which they had left behind in Great Britain.” I defend this statement by recognizing the Native-Americans and African-Americans with how they influenced the English colonists of the 1700’s. The English colonists brought over mainly young men from England. Amongst them were indentured servants or slaves. They also brought over trouble. Around 50, 000 of these new-comers were convicted felons. Not many of these men came over with their families either. These colonists we considered to be of the “middling sort”. Meaning there were neither very rich nor very poor. When the English colonist arrived to our wonderful country, American, they were greeted by our Native Americans. The Native Americans began to show the American colonist how to live off of the land and what the land had to offer. They taught how to grow crops, hunt, and build shelter all from the Earth. This lasted for many years until the American colonist decided to do things their own way. They looked at the natural resources as a privately owned commodity. With their newly owned land, the colonists began to evict the Indians. Domesticated animals began showing up as well as fences while forests came down. Trade routes began popping up and the land began to become over populated with freely roaming New World animals. This new changes affected the Indian life in unexpected ways. The lands began to become unfertile due to not being used properly year after year. After having multiple unpleasant confrontations with the colonists, and their animals pretty much took over their land, a Maryland Indian asked to be told, “Where to live and how to be secured for the future from the hogs and
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