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The summer of 2010 my family and I planned a vacation. This vacation would be wonderful. We were going to the great place of West Virginia. We planned on leaving on a Friday and stayed two weeks, but on Thursday night no one could sleep so we left then. This great road trip would be the longest 16 hours of my life. With a little brother and an older sister being the middle child was a bit hard. There wasn’t a moment that I was able to sleep are able to just listen to my own music or even my own space. By the time we got to our destination everyone was so tired, but my mom and dad stayed up talk and visiting though the night I went straight to bed. While I was sleeping my cousins tried to play a prank on me but I was too smart for that when they put the shaving cream in my hand I smeared it all over there face. The next morning I woke up to the smell of my uncles wonderful fluffy biscuits, eggs, and, grits. After breakfast I walk outside and took a walk with my cousin along the creek I had never walked so much in my life. The sound of water the fresh mountain air calmed me and I didn’t have a care in the world. Then we went on a day of mini golf this was very fun. That was the first time ever that I played. Then the Saturday we went all the way to the top of the mountain there was a beautiful park at the top. My dad and uncle started the bob pit while my mom and the kids went on a hike the creek below us. There we were able to such for this really cool type of rock found at in the mountain top creeks such as this one. When we hiked back up the food was done but the coolest thing ever was the clouds had started to drop down and it was like we were walking among the clouds. Sunday, we went to church and when we finished I was told that we was going fishing on a big creek. I love to fish so this really got me excited about the rest of the day. It was about a 30

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