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Throughout the world, people struggle with the act of forgiving. One must forgive to preserve relationships with loved ones. In the novel, For one More Day, Chick Benetto’s life spirals into turmoil after the death of his mother, Posey. Chick begins to deal with career and financial problems, and becomes an alcoholic who then leaves his family, ending in a state of depression where he then tries to commit suicide. At an early age, Chick’s father places him in a position where he had to choose which parent to love. Chick chose to completely idolize and worship his father, going against his mother, who always provides unconditional love, in the process. He brushed all of that off in an attempt to please his cold hearted father. In the text, the author Mitch Albom displays the universal truth that one should forgive the ones he loves. Albom demonstrates this through the main character’s mother, Posey. Albom does this to magnify the value of a ephemeral relationship. Throughout the story, love is sought, rejected, offered, lost and rediscovered, all to give the reader a better understanding of that truth. The truth that one should forgive the ones he loves is portrayed through the character Posey. Throughout the story, Chick constantly neglects to show appreciation for his mother, Posey, because of his obsession with pleasing his father; however, Posey does her absolute best to ignore the rejection and blame Chick gives her and continues to supply what is best for her son, on her own. Posey never gives up on Chick and always tries to teach him valuable lessons. This shows how although Chick treated Posey poorly, her unconditional love for Chick allowed her to forgive him. It is not until later that Chick realizes how wrong his actions were. After Chick acknowledges his shameful behavior, Posey teaches Chick the truth that one should forgive the ones he loves.

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