For Medical Use Only Essay

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Sean Greene February 11, 2013 For Medical Use Only With the Marijuana industry on the rise in California, some of us are scared, some of us are excited, and some just plain curious. I’m sure most people who live in the Los Angeles area like me have noticed some businesses with hazy dark windows and a sign with nothing more than some acronym and a green cross. Most of us who haven’t been to a medical Marijuana dispensary before must have a lot of curiosity as to what it looks like inside, who goes to these places, and how the hell is this legal? So, to ease the curiosity of some of you who are dying to know about what goes on inside a dispensary, I decided to put my license to actual good use and visit one in order to give you an exclusive look inside. I had the opportunity of getting the full tour of a new dispensary in Los Angeles where my cousin Jonny had just been hired as a manager a couple months before. Jonny and I have always been really close. We grew up in Northridge together and spent the majority of our childhood on my Grandmother’s property. He’s two years older than me, but he’s always been two feet shorter than me. He’s about 5’6 now, with dark brown hair shaved almost completely off, and what I call a Billy Goat beard. When he said it was in East L.A., I felt somewhat hesitant. I’ve heard the stories in the news about all the medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles getting robbed and raided. I asked him if it scared him, if he ever wondered when someone was going to bust the door down and shove a gun in his face for a couple grand and some weed. “Some weed?” he said with a smile, “People from all over L.A. come to Medicure; Bloods, Crips, O.G.’s, lawyers, teachers… even old ladies. We’re the only club for miles. As long as we keep our patients happy, our prices reasonable, and another club doesn’t open up close by, we should be good
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