For Love Of The Game Essay

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Chappie’s Tale Billy Chapel is an extremely dedicated and loyal teammate, an all around ‘stand up guy’. He stands for what he believes in and makes it a point to be decent to everybody he encounters. He is a consummate professional who is driven by respect for the game he loves and for himself. He has earned the loyalty and admiration of those around him, especially his team. His dedication to his team and to his teammates is proven on two occasions, one in both the book and the movie, and the other in only the movie. The first occasion is while Billy warms up before the big game. The team manager, Maxwell, informs him that he plans on sitting Gus, the catcher, out for the game and replacing him with a man with more power who can hit homeruns. Billy adamantly, but respectfully refuses, stating that he will pitch to nobody but Gus. “NO.” Chapel said. Maxwell stared, mouth open. “Gus catches. Only Gus. You hear me. I hope. I hope to Christ you hear me.” Maxwell said; “Billy. Jesus….what the hell’s the matter?” I have my reasons. Gus catches today. That’s it. That’s all she wrote.” “Billy,” Maxwell straightened, came vaguely, softly alert. “Billy, you tryin’ to tell me how to run this ball club? You, Billy, of all people?” “Nope. But Max, today….it’s me and Gus. I need him. I never asked you any other time. Today…I go with Gus. Fine. Glad you agree. Don’t want to fight now. Not today. No time. Today it’s me and Gus. Right. Fine. Now let me warm up.” What happens in this scene is Billy standing up for his teammate, defying his manager and standing his ground in defense of his friend and teammate, a situation where most other pitchers would fold. No, not Billy, he stands his ground in defense of a friend. I think this speaks a lot to his character and personality. One fundamental difference in these situations is that in the movie the manager’s name is

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