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How have you been a leader or displayed leadership? When you are asked to explain your leadership capabilities, you don't want to only list off a bunch of titles and positions. Instead focus on a specific leadership position or activity and give enough detail to show the depth of your commitment. Citing concrete accomplishments like getting half of the dorm to participate in a scavenger hunt or giving toys to more than 200 families also helps the interviewer gauge the significance of your achievement. Remember that you don't have to hold an official title or elected position in order to show leadership. Describing how you organized something or motivated a group of people is just as impressive as any official title. What is your greatest strength and weakness? It's easy to say that your strength is that you work hard. But what will really prove this to the judges is an example. Use a particular instance to illustrate your strength so that the judges can see what you mean. It's not enough to say that you have leadership qualities. You must share incidents that show how you have led. What kind of results have come from your leadership? Why do you do it? Help the judges understand why you believe this to be your strength. When talking about a weakness, be honest—but realize that it's important to show what actions you are taking to address what you consider to be a flaw. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging a failing, but it is very impressive to see that you are also taking steps to minimize and perhaps overcome that weakness. Certainly, you want the interviewers to believe that your weakness will not keep you from being successful as a college student. Who is a role model for you? When interviewers ask this question, their intent is to learn something about you through your answer. In other words, whom you admire says something about you. So be careful to

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