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For Gay Marriage Essay

  • Submitted by: lakehouse3
  • on November 30, 2012
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What is marriage, still to this day people argue the meaning of marriage.   Getting married is a very important day for everyone.   Most people agree that getting married is just a natural event for a man and women.   However, how would you like it if you coundn’t marry the person you are in love with because it was unacceptable?  
Marriage is a relationship between two people.   It doesn’t harm our society or people that aren’t involved in their relationship.   It’s like someone’s personal commitment that doesn’t include anyone else.   Out society shouldn’t be choosing what people should or shouldn’t do when its not hurting anyone in the process.   It’s a violation of religious freedom to deny gays.   To this day people still don’t agree with gay couples getting marriage because all major religions still consider it a sin.   Even though the First Amendment of the Constitution states, “that a person’s religious views or lack thereof must be protected.”   The government can’t randomly make a law only because some religions don’t agree with it.  
For a while now, homosexuals have been known to have a, “deviant sexual behavior.”   But what people don’t know is homosexuals have been around since ancient Greece.   The word “lesbian” comes from a Greek island called “Lesbos” where many of those couples lived.   If people are going to deny homosexuals to get married then whyshouldn’t they reject Hispanic or black couples.   Just because it might be two guys or two girls, it doesn’t change who they are.  
The main reason why homosexuals get married is not because they want to establish legal statuses, or to allow joint filing of taxes.   They get married because it’s a commitment that states “ I love you so much that I want to live the rest of my life with you.   I want to share the ups and downs, forsake all others, and to be together until death do us part.”   It shouldn’t matter that the couples don’t fit into what our society is used to.   They should still get the same...

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