For Colored Girls Review

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Amazing, breath taking, impacting and the most emotional film I have seen. “For Colored Girls” took us in to the taboo of life. From dealing with unwanted pregnancy to the gay husband are things that do happen in real life but no one talk's about. I believe that every cause has an effect as well as a solution, we make our decisions and deal with the consequences, some harder to deal with than others. The people that are around you, to love, and support you, make it easier to be stronger and make good decisions if they are there for you. “For Colored Girls” didn’t show any of the girls with support or a strong family background. The family with the 2 children that were thrown out the window, showed the mother being fragile, puny and fearful as a mother. I do very strongly believe that if she had help from a mother or sister to go to it would not have gone so far. At the same time she was a professional very good at her job but never asked for help to deal with the problems at home. We had the mother and her 2 beautiful daughters. A religious maniac pushing her daughter’s way for her obsession with her idol. Putting her spirituality before the 2daughters, putting them in danger with the “immoral” abortion. Everything made sense when she admitted to being molested. She was tried hiding her pain and fears behind her religion trying to save her daughters from getting hurt, why did it have to come to that point why did she get help. I thought that we were going see an enchanted couple fall in love and live happily ever after. Shocking to see were the story took us. From a delightful prince to a beast, after the softest kiss cruelest punch, from wishing for that one night came distress. Why didn’t someone tell her be careful or don’t go to fast every cause has an effect. We also saw the strong, professional, and insensitive female. Busy with her carrier and married to

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